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Rocky Mountain Montesa

My tribute to John Haberbosch

John passed away a year ago. We said him goodbye at the last Montesada, as you could read in this blog. We miss him a lot; his knowledge and friendship are impossible to be replaced. But I noticed that there is something I can do in his memory. His website had some valuable technical information that I decided to include on my own blog in order to preserve it for the Montesa lovers.

In the next days I'll be posting John's articles trying to keep the estructure and feeling of his original Rocky Mountain Montesa.

Rocky Mountain Montesa
Specializing in Vintage Montesa Bikes, Parts and Technical Information

Tech Articles

Suspension & Tires:

Cappra Tire Pressures – This seems to be a secret. There are a number of you that know this secret but there are quite a few that don't. I was one that didn't for a long time.
Rim Strapping – Frequently, too frequently, motorcycle publications mention a way to do away with the wheel rim strap and use duck tape.  No! No! No!
Rebuilding Front Suspensions – There are a great number of Montesa motorcycles that use the Betor front suspension from about 1968 to the 1980’s.  This article will cover in detail the early units.

Ignition & Timing:
Ignition Timing Chart – This is the most complete list that I could assemble of Montesa timing. 
Checking Timing – This article addresses the two reasons that the Motoplat ignition does not create a spark.
How to Set Your Timing – A simple way to time using a piece of bailing wire, an old spark plug, a plastic protractor and a continuity device.
Troubleshooting the Ignition of the COTA 247 – The first thing you should do is change the sparkplug.  If you go all through the following steps and discover it was a fouled plug you will hate yourself.
Spark Plug Heat Range – The confusion is about what are hot plugs and cold plugs. 

Engine & Transmission: 
Flywheel Removal – Step-by-step on removing a Montesa Flywheel.
Loose Needles – This article is to explain a way in dealing with the removal and assembly of this unusual bearing solution by the engineers of Montesa.
Sleeve Nuts – If you are going to take an engine apart it is necessary to deal with these nuts.
Seal Frustration – There are a number of steps that must be done in order for the seal to slip into place when assembling.
Shifting Difficulties – There are occasions when it is necessary to remove the shift mechanism from the engine.
Exhaust Smoke – Your motorcycle may be smoking for one or both of these reasons.
Clutch Maintenance – Most of the clutches used in the vintage era, from 1963 to 1984, used metal to metal clutch plates.  This article will cover these models. 
Clutch Drag Solutions – I have over time found some ways to reduce some or nearly all clutch drag.  There are two approaches to this problem.

Evolution of Cota 247 – Am important list of changes throughout the life of this great bike. 
Paint Codes – A short list of modern paint codes for Montesa. 
FYI - Origins of Mud Guards  – Some thought on the use of the word "mudguard".

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  1. Buena idea por dos razones:

    Por el homenaje a John, un montesista único

    Para no perder toda esa información.


    1. A ver si tengo ánimo de traducirlo. Pero no es sencillo porque el inglés de John es tan peculiar como lo era su sentido del humor. ¡Qué tipo más grande!


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