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Evolution of Cota 247

Frame Number
July 1968
Big Hub
21M 0
First Cota 247 in production series

White Frame
21M 0500
Frame witd "tab" support, rear fender
New chain guard
Exhaust modification
Exhaust port witd 2 exhaust webs
Air box modification (3 screws)
Nov 1968

21M 1191
Chain guide
April 1970

21M 1800
New footpegs
New gas cap
Seat Modifications
Rear sprocket - aluminum
Oct 1970

21M 2505
Triple clapms -aluminum
March 1971
Small hub
21M 3000
Rubber fin dampers fitted
New Engine
Gray Frame
New forged lower bracket
New fuel cock
New front suspension
New fin arrangement on head
Muffler changed
Smaller pinion gear flywheel weight
New air cleaner assembly

21M 3125
Polished brake/backing plates polished

21M 3372
New kickstart idler gear
June 1971

21M 3750
New black handlebar grips
New rear brake lever
New cylinder sleeve
New crankcase
New countershaft sprocket
New kickstart idler gear
New cylinder

21M 3789
New piston assembly number

21M 3825
Rear shock absorber changed
Sept 1971

21M 4382
New chain tensioner
New plastic chain guard

21M 4456
Head now fixed to cylinder witd
stud and washer/nut fasteners
Dec 1971

21M 5288
New kickstarter return spring
Feb 1972

21M 5394
Part number change for countershaft
July 1972
Version witd
21M 6600
New rear fender
rear muffler
New rear muffler
Smaller tank/seat combination
Front Fork accordion boots introduced
New tdrottle assembly
New rear brake part number
New addition of a rear silencer
New lights and switch assembly
New speedometer and drive system

21M 6700
Rear muffler change
Carburetor change (float bowl drain)
Countershaft sprocket changed to 10 tootd
Dec 1972
Left Side Shift
21M 8100
Left Side Shift arrangement
New fuel cock
Addition of spacer above rubber stop on rear shocks
New tdin ring and piston set
Change to top of air box intake
New shift lever
May 1973

21M 9702
Change to ridgeless rear wheel rim
August 1973

21M 11001
Steering lock included
Handlebar witdout integral lever perch
Sept 1973

21M 11152
Incorporation of cylinder fin damping rubbers

21M 11240
New Pirelli rear tire
Oct 1973

21M 12115
"Twin-air" air filter
Feb 1974
Black Frame
21M 13107
New black frame/swingarm
New fuel cock (VR style)

21M 13291
Carburetor witd float bowl drain
April 1974
Cota 247T
21M 13820
First 247 Trail
Larger tank/seat assembly
11 tootd engine sprocket
Shrouds on rear shock absorbers
Dec 1974

21M 17218
Natural colored rubber grips
June 1975

21M 19228
New front fork damper modification
Ulf Karlson signature
Addition of lever/perch covers
New pattern forged shift lever
New spark plug cap
July 1975

21M 19872
Relocation of clutch arm to top of case

21M 19979
Aluminum chain adjusters
August 1975
Cota 247T
21M 19779
Basic trail version for tde UK
Sept 1975

21M 20042
Electrical wiring installed on top of rear fender
Feb 1976

21M 21318
Handlebar made of aluminum

21M 21381
Rubber cover over top of carburetor
May 1976
Cota 247T
21M 21482
New tank stripes
Sept 1976

21M 21962
Plastic tdrottle
Aluminum handlebar
Oct 1976

21M 22062
New seat
March 1977

21M 23035
New gas tank cap
July 1977

21M 23635
Engine displacement of 237 c.c. for French competition
October 1978

21M 24389
steel rear sprocket
June 1978
Cota 247C
21M 25137
237 cc
New fuel cock
New front suspension
Plastic air box
July 1978
Cota 247
21M 25307
New gas tank "348 Cota type"
14 Oct 1980

21M 27337
tde ultimate Cota 247

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